The CU has a doctrinal basis (the same as CUI) as our foundation, though all our meetings and events are open to everyone, regardless of belief or background!

We are a non-denominational group that brings together Christians from all cultures, languages and Christian traditions, and as such, the doctrinal basis is the fundamental truths of Christianity as revealed in the Bible.

CUI is an organisation that exists to facilitate and guide the running of Christian Unions on the island of Ireland, they are part of the worldwide student movement of IFES. There are around 600,000 students in over 160 different countries involved in the organisation throughout the world including us in Trinity.

In Trinity CU we have the privilege of working alongside two fantastic Staff Workers. CUI aim to encourage and train students in college to live out their faith on campus and share it with their friends and classmates. They don’t run the CU but are here to offer prayer, support and lots of encouragement.