Meet the Speakers

Dessert and Story Evening Testimonies

scienceDr. Ken Mok

Ken Mok is from Trinity’s School of Bio-Chemistry and Immunology. As a Scientist who believes in Jesus he has a very interesting story to tell. How does he reconcile science and his faith? Are the two compatible? Come and hear how he has experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus and seen his life transformed.

surfJohn McCarthy

“I live in Lahinch, County Clare. My wife (Rachel) and I own and run Lahinch Surf School.
I’m from Tramore, County Waterford, that’s where it all began.
I started surfing at the age of 10 and surfed for Ireland for twenty years and hold several national titles at junior, cadet and senior titles. I was made to surf! Surfing is what brought me to Lahinch. The draw to the west was so strong, I packed in my job as a software engineer in 2002 to teach people about surfing and surfboards.
June 24, 2006 was the day that I knew my life would never be the same again. I met the Lord, more importantly He met with me. I experienced an immense wave of the Love of God, that changed everything. Jesus said, “Follow Me”. So I did. It’s been an amazing journey of faith and blessing.
We have two full-spirited children under the age of 5. Lahinch Surf School pays the bills and keep us busy and connect closely to Lahinch Beach and our customers.

I’m passionate about ‘helping people understand and experience the love and Hope found in God’. That’s the missions statement for Cliffs of Hope which is a mixture of hope, fun and faith in Jesus Christ.”

cuffsJohn Hutchinson

“My name is John Hutchinson and I am a Presbyterian Minister (just retired).  I grew up in Portadown in a Christian home and in my early teens I made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. But some years later I began to drift away from Church life. This coincided with the early days of what is now known as “The troubles” when there was a lot of anger vented between Loyalist and Republican communities. I eventually joined a Paramilitary organisation and ended up getting a 12 year prison sentence. It was in prison that I came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and began to experience a freedom to love and serve and honour God, with joy, even in the hard and difficult places.”