STORY: Lives Transformed

STORY. We all have one. Whether it’s happy, one of suffering, a story of searching or longing the fact is we all have a story to tell. Join us from 30th January to 3rd February as we explore the greatest story ever told and how it is still transforming lives today as it has done for centuries.

Everyone is welcome!


‘Meet the Author’ Lunches

Free lunch event, Monday to Wednesday in the Atrium

Come and consider the big questions of the story over a free lunch.

stopAn Exclusive Story? – Isn’t Christianity an intolerant story for the narrow minded? With Jeremy Haworth

tearA Story of Suffering? – If God is love, then why is there suffering? With Kieron Lynch

personA Repressive Story? – Where’s the so-called freedom in the rules and regulations ofthe church? With Steve Vaughan

Story and Dessert Evenings

Free dessert event, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday in various venues

scienceGod, Science & Milkshakes – TCD bio-chemistry professor, Ken Mok, will share his story and how it was transformed by an encounter with Jesus. Followed by a sort talk about another encounter with Jesus 2000 years ago from Andy Carroll. Accompanied by yummy milkshakes!

surfSea, Searching & Ice-Cream – World class surfer, John McCarthy, will join us with his story of surfing and transformation over a big bowl of ice-cream! Followed by the story of a very different transformation from the Bible, given by Jeff Hay.

cuffsForgiveness, Second Chances & Desserts – Former loyalist paramilitary member, John Hutchinson, joins us with the story of a life transformed by an encounter in prison. Mark Smith will also bring us the greatest story ever told, a life-changing encounter that is open to any and all of us. There will also be a delectable array of desserts, tea and coffee to enjoy throughout!

dinnerStory Celebration Dinner – Fellow Trinity students will share with us their stories of a life transformed through an encounter with Jesus. Their stories will come alongside a feast of three courses. It’s not to be missed!

Story Breakfast 

Friday, 9am-12noon in Room 636 (House 6)

breakieA chance to discuss and chat through what you hear during the week. Bring your questions and come hungry as we enjoy conversation and brunch together. Call in anytime from 9-12. Everyone is more than welcome!


quWe’ll be in the Arts Block and Hamilton everyday from 9am-11am. Come and chat, ask questions and share your story. We’d love to meet you!

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